Christmas Trees

Chicks in the TreesOur philosophy here at Apple Blossom Farm is “Let the tree be a tree!!”  We don’t like to prune our trees into what looks like any artificial tree you can get at Walmart (yuck!). Our trees are natural and beautiful like any you would find in a forest.  Sure, if there’s a crazy branch, we will snip off the end…we’re not stupid.  And you can prune branches down that you find awkward.  We have tall and very tall trees but they will go FAST.

We pre-sale our Christmas Trees in October.  You can visit Apple Blossom Farm by reservation only to pick out your tree, take family photos and tour the farm.  Visit us again in late November and take your tree home!  Please email us if you would like to take a tour and reserve a tree PRIOR TO OCTOBER.

Varieties:  Silver Tip, White Fir, Noble Fir, Douglas Firimage

Height:  Up to 25 feet.

Cost:  $55 for up-to-a-7 foot tree (any variety).  $65 for an 8-10 foot tree (any variety).  $100 for up-to-a-12 foot tree.  Over 12 foot tree, price is negotiable.


Take your winter FAMILY PHOTO here when you cut your tree.  Collect them through the years.

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