Babydoll Sheep

imageBabydoll Sheep are a breed of Southdown Sheep measuring less than 24″ in height at the back.  They are purposefully bred to graze in orchards and vineyards as they can not reach high enough to nibble on valuable fruit or grapes.  As they graze, the sheep leave much needed fertilizer in the soil.

Our Ashley...a few days before her lambs arrived--only two :)

Our Ashley…a few days before her lambs arrived–only two 🙂

Every spring here at Apple Blossom Farm, we are blessed with Babydoll lambs.  We sell these lambs to others who would like these wooly weeders to manicure their properties.  Please check out Delfino Farms and D.A.M.N. Good Lavender Farm!  Why use harsh chemicals and/or mow the orchard and vineyard which wastes precious time and resources?  This time-honored method of caring for your farm is much better on the environment!

In October, you can meet our guard dogs, Pink Lady and Honey Crisp.  They are Great Pyrenees (who think they’re sheep) and they take great pleasure in taking care of the herd.

cropped-lady-is-a-sheep23.jpgApple Blossom Farm is a registered North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Farm.

To inquire about purchasing a Babydoll Sheep, please email us:

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